SGX Singapore Nifty Futures Real-Time / Live Chart

 SGX Nifty Futures

SGX Singapore Nifty Futures Real-Time / Live Chart

What is Sgx nifty:

  •  ➤SGX Nifty represents Singapore Exchange Nifty.
  •   ➤ It simply works by trading Nifty Contracts in SGX. SGX Nifty is considered a future leading NSE Index Nifty that is traded over Singapore Exchange.
  •  ➤Singapore Nifty which is well known as SGX Nifty is basically a derivative product introduced by Indian Nifty Index to be traded in Singapore stock exchange.
  •   ➤SGX Nifty and Indian Nifty Index is highly correlated. It is essential to realize that not all of the Nifty companies stocks are traded at SGX.
  •   ➤ The movement of SGX Nifty is highly correlated to the Indian Nifty index. It's vital to know that not all stocks that Nifty encompasses are traded in SGX.
  •   ➤SGX Nifty represents Indian Nifty at Singapore Stock Exchange.
  •   ➤It indicates the direction of the Indian Stock Exchange.
  •  ➤Singapore and Indian belong to the same continent.

Importance of sgx nifty:

Singapore Nifty (SGX Nifty) functions by attaining position for future contracts in Singapore Exchange. The settlement of future contracts depends on the set price of NIFTY in Indian stock Exchange NSE. International Investors can this way have ease of flexibily of trading in Indian markets without setup or registration issues. As SGX offers 24-hour trading through after market trades, bets can be hedged any-time. Addiotionally it also indicates the next day opening points for Indian Market helping investors in predicting SGX Nifty.

Sgx nifty timings:

Intraday trades take place only during these specific periods that are given below:

  • FIRST or T session: 09.00am – 06.15pm(SGT) or 06.30am - 3.45pm(IST) 
  • SECOND or T+1 session: 06.40pm – 04.45am(SGT) or 4.40pm - 2.45am(IST) 

What time does SGX Nifty open and close?

The opening and closing of SGX Nifty happens at 6:30 am and 11.30 pm respectively, while Indian Nifty opens and closes at 9:15 am and 3:30 pm.  Usually, the fluctuation of SGX Nifty directs the movement of the Indian Stock Exchange. The trading hours for SGX Nifty and CNX Nifty is 16 hours and 6 hours 30 minutes daily. It is used to indicate the position of the Indian stock market for the following day. Considering the effect of share trading globally and geographic similarities for these two countries, Nifty is offering room to promote economic interdependence. Traders view the value of Nifty to evaluate the level of development. Investors seek opportunities through SGX Nifty in situations when access to Indian Market is difficult, but investors are engaging in betting at the lucrative Indian market.

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