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Privi Speciality Chemicals Limited

CMP: 1965

➽  Privi Speciality Chemicals Limited operates as a specialty oleo chemical manufacturing company in India and internationally. Its oleo chemical products include dimer acids used for making of non-reactive and reactive polyamides; linoleic acid and soya fatty acid used in paints; and distilled fatty acids. 

The company also provides nutraceutical products comprising tocopherols and sterols used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, etc. In addition, it offers aroma chemicals, such as alpha damascone, alpha ionone, alpha terpenyl acetate, amber fleur, amber gamma, beta iso damascol, BI perfumery grade, BI technical grade, carene-60 & Carene-90, cedar ketol, citronellal, citronellyl acetate, citronellyl nitrile, dipentene, double distilled turpentine oil, dihydro myrcenol, dihydromyrcene,  and violetone coeur. 

The company was formerly known as Fairchem Speciality Limited and changed its name to Privi Speciality Chemicals Limited in October 2020. Privi Speciality Chemicals Limited was incorporated in 1985 and is based in Mumbai, India.

  Price Levels

Long for the upside level of 2134 - 2189 in short term.

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