Saturday, August 28, 2021

QSim – Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit | The Gateway for Indian Scientists

 QSim – Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit | The Gateway for Indian Scientists

QSim, the toolkit launched today, allows researchers and students to write and debug Quantum Code that is essential for developing Quantum Algorithms. Quantum systems are highly sensitive to disturbances from environment, even necessary controls and observations perturb them.

 The available and upcoming Quantum devices are noisy and techniques to bring down the environmental error rate are being intensively pursued. QSim allows researchers to explore Quantum Algorithms under idealized conditions and help prepare experiments to run on actual Quantum Hardware. 

QSim can serve as an important educational / research tool providing an excellent way to attract students / researchers to the field of Quantum Technology and provides a platform to acquire the skills of ‘programming’ as well as ‘designing’ real Quantum Hardware.

QSim - Feature Highlights

Intuitive UI: QSim offers a robust QC Simulator integrated with a GUI based Workbench allowing students / researchers to create Quantum programs, visualize the instant circuit generation and simulated outputs.

Simulate noisy Quantum logic circuits: Helps simulate Quantum circuits with and without noise and test how well various algorithms work with imperfect quantum components. This is essential to simulate real-life conditions.

Pre-loaded Quantum algorithms and Examples: QSim comes loaded with Quantum programs and algorithms providing a head start to the users. E.g. QFT, Deutsch Jozsa, Grovers and so on.

Integrated with HPC: The quantum simulations are performed on powerful HPC resources allowing multiple users to submit jobs simultaneously with different QuBit configurations.
QSim - Offering Models

PARAM SHAVAK QSim - Standalone system with Quantum Simulator in a box
PARAM QSim Cloud - Available on cloud using HPC infrastructure PARAM SIDDHI AI (developed and deployed under NSM program)

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