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IEX | Big Movement | What to do now?

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IEX |  What to do now?

IEX  , CMP : 480

IEX was advised at 366 on 11 June 21 and today it made a new all time high and closed near 480 level. Although stock hits our short term target but still away from our mid and long term targets. Still fundamental and technical are intact .

So hold firmly and follow buy on dips strategy in the stock for the advised mid and long term targets. No need to panic in short term routine correction in the stock.

Please Read Below the dedicated article written on IEX 👇👇👇  

IEX | Stock Price Outlook | Potential Outperformer

What to do now in NELCO  stock? Strategy

Recently stock witness strong selling pressure an corrected to the levels of 450 and currently trading at 465. Stock already corrected nearly 20 % from the recent top in the current mid cap sector correction.

Now the level of 450 looks good support zone for the stock and again a upside  reversal expected in the stock after the sharp correction as all the parameters are still intact in uptrend . Although our short to mid term targets are already achieved in the stock within few months but long term target of 804 is still not achieved and still long term is intact. So this recent correction should be utilized as a buying opportunity.

Some FAQ about NELCO

Who owns IEX?

IEX Group, Inc.

Type Stock exchange

Owner IEX Group, Inc.

Is IEX a government company?

IEX is approved and regulated by Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) and has been operating since 27 June 2008. ... Indian Energy Exchange Limited was incorporated as a public limited company on March 26 2007 in Maharashtra. The Company obtained a certificate of commencement of business on April 17 2007.

What does IEX company do?

What is IEX? Indian Energy Exchange is the first and the largest energy exchange in India. It allows for trading of electricity (for physical delivery), just as NSE or BSE allow for trading in stocks. To understand the dynamics of IEX, however, it may help to understand some basics of the electricity market.

How does IEX earn?

A large part of IEX's revenue comes from transaction fee which is charged based on the volume of transactions conducted on the exchange. An increasing volume of electricity trades on the exchange, therefore, holds the key to revenue growth.

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