Saturday, August 21, 2021

BASANTGL | Potential Outperformer | Multibagger | CMP: 12


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Basant Agro Tech (India)

CMP 12

➽  Basant Agro Tech (India) is engaged in one of the Indias leading manufacturers of various farm inputs in India comprising of NPK mixture granulated fertilizers, phosphatic fertilizer as well as various hybrid seeds.

Company has reduced debt.

Stock is trading at 0.82 times its book value

Debtor days have improved from 81.05 to 63.58 days.

 Technical & Price Levels

After long consolidation stock has gain momentum. The stock recently made high of 20 and now available at attractive valuation near 12. Now the stock has a very important support of 10. So in correction stock can test level 10 but don't panic in that correction instead make long position and hold firmly. Stock can test the levels of 48 - 68 in the upcoming 2-3 years . This is a very conservative target for the stock.  

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