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Stock Market Tomorrow | Nifty Pre Market Strategy | 23 July


Stock Market Tomorrow | Nifty Pre Market Strategy |

Stock Market Today 

Sensex closed 639 points, or 1.22 percent, higher at 52,837.21 while the Nifty settled at 15,824.05, up 192 points or 1.23 percent.Nifty has formed an Open Bullish Marabozu candle, which suggests strength for the upcoming session.

Nifty Analysis

Key  Data

Put / Call Options

Call Max Traded Strike Price15800.00
Call Max Traded SP Contracts424013
Call Option Open Interest34356.35 K
Call Option OI Chg %25.38
Put Max Traded Strike Price15800.00
Put Max Traded SP Contracts336290
Put Option Open Interest34251.80 K
Put Option OI Chg %26.67

Put Call Ratio - 29/07/2021

Put Open Interest34251.80 K
Call Open Interest34356.35 K
PCR Open Interest0.997
PCR OI ReadingBearish
Put Contracts Traded2149139.00
Call Contracts Traded2309941.00
PCR Volume0.930
PCR Vol ReadingBearish

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Call option data

Maximum Call open interest of 43.60 lakh contracts was seen at 16,000 strike, which will act as a crucial resistance level in the July series.

This is followed by 15,800 strike, which holds 32.68 lakh contracts, and 15,900 strike, which has accumulated 26.73 lakh contracts.

Put option data

Maximum Put open interest of 33.79 lakh contracts was seen at 15,500 strike, which will act as a crucial support level in the July series.

This is followed by 15,800 strike, which holds 25.55 lakh contracts, and 15,700 strike, which has accumulated 24.40 lakh contracts.

AARTIIND | Stock Analysis & Price Outlook

Chart & Levels


Still 15900 is big resistance in Nifty despite of today's big move. Still Nifty trend is not cleared and todays shar move should not be considered as trend reversal . 
Avoid long position from here until Nifty decisively not closes above 15900 level. 

Tomorrow Nifty can remain choppy. 15700 will act immediate support and still 15936 is strong resistance in upside.

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