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BankNifty Pre Market Analysis 05 July 21


bank nifty pre market analysis.

BankNifty Analysis

Key  Data Analysis

Futures & Options of BANK NIFTY

Near Expiry date29/07/2021Lot Size25
Stock Close Price34809.9Trade Date02/07/2021
Futures Summary
Closing Price34951.65Premium/Discount141.75
Previous Close34853.05Change %0.283
Futures OI2084.35 KChange %-1.37
Futures Contracts127.09 KChange %20.56
Call Summary
Max Traded Strike Price36000.00Contracts43.61 K
Cumulative Call OI3604.97 K% Change6.53
Put Summary
Max Traded Strike Price34000.00Contracts21.41 K
Cumulative Put OI3612.85 K% Change9.26
36000 CE is currently maximum traded strike price and  34000 PE is maximum traded strike price.

Put Call Ratio - 29/07/2021

Put Open Interest3612.85 K
Call Open Interest3604.97 K
PCR Open Interest1.00
PCR OI ReadingStrong Bearish
Put Contracts Traded175739.00
Call Contracts Traded227195.00
PCR Volume0.774
PCR Vol ReadingNeutral

XELPMOC | Stock Price Analysis & Outlook

Chart & Levels

The Bank Nifty opened positive at 34,728.10 and moved in a zig-zag fashion through the day. Banking stocks were lackluster and the index lacked momentum. It gained 125.90 points to close at 34,809.90, forming a small-bodied bullish candle on the daily scale. The index formed a bearish candle on the weekly scale as it lost 1.6 percent during the week.

Bank Nifty continues forming lower highs - lower lows from the last four sessions but today a trend reversal seen in the Banknifty and closed positive.

Now if Banknifty sustain above 35031 for sometime then levels of 35474 - 35810 will be seen in the Banknifty and which has more probability to happen .  Also there was no major downfall in the last four consecutive day fall, so expect this reversal will continue in upcoming days. So follow buy on dips strategy.

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