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AMBER | Stock Price Analysis & Outlook


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Amber Enterprises

CMP 2951

➽  Amber Enterprises , a part of Amber Group, is one of the largest original equipment manufacturer of white goods in India. Its product list includes Split & Window Air Conditioners for commercial and residential use, Heat Exchangers, Multi Flow Condensers, Home appliances like Washing Machines, Refrigerators & Microwaves, Auto Parts, etc..The company also engagged in the business of Consumer durable products.

➽ Key Stat

Rising Net Cash Flow and Cash from Operating activity

Strong QoQ EPS Growth in recent results

Effectively using Shareholders fund - Return on equity (ROE) improving since last 2 year

Efficient in managing Assets to generate Profits - ROA improving since last 2 year

Growth in Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (QoQ)

Company with Low Debt

Increasing Revenue every quarter for the past 3 quarters

Increasing profits every quarter for the past 3 quarters

Book Value per share Improving for last 2 years

Company with Zero Promoter Pledge

ORIENTCEM | Stock Price Analysis & Outlook

➽ Recent Shareholdings

Promoters holding remains unchanged at 40.27% in Mar 2021 qtr

Mutual Funds have decreased holdings from 7.99% to 7.63% in Mar 2021 qtr

Number of MF schemes increased from 18 to 19 in Mar 2021 qtr.

FII/FPI have decreased holdings from 28.1% to 28.06% in Mar 2021 qtr

Number of FII/FPI investors increased from 172 to 178 in Mar 2021 qtr.

Institutional Investors have decreased holdings from 36.1% to 35.69% in Mar 2021 qtr

SANGHIIND | Stock Price Analysis & Outlook

 Technical & Price Levels

Moving AveragesBullish
Technical IndicatorsBullish

Strong Performer: Stock with consistent financial performance, quality management, and strong technical momentum indicating good investor enthusiasm. Currently valued at Good to expensive valuation

Mid Range Momentum - Stock is Mid Range compared to Short, Medium and Long Term Moving Averages

Long position can be made for the potential level of  3284 - 3436 in short to mid term.


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