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NACLIND | Stock Price Analysis | Future Outperformer.

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Nacl Industries Ltd.

CMP  74

➽  NACL is an established player and they deal in both technicals and formulations and they cater to the Indian market and to the international market as well. They have over 50 products covering all major crops. 

They have a strong logistic presence and the products are sold in more than 55,000 counters. NACL has become one of the reliable contract manufacturers for major MNCs. NACL exports products to over 30 countries and has forayed into International Brand business by registering brands in South-East Asia and Africa and are in the process of expanding reach in these regions.

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➽ Key Stat

Capacity and Utilisation

Technical Manufacturing plant located in Andhra Pradesh has a capacity of 10,000 MTPA. 

Formulation Unit located in Andhra Pradesh has a capacity of 53,000 MT/KL per annum. 

Srikakulam technical plant achieved 56% utilization in FY20 and the Ethakota formulation unit achieved 31.33% utilization in FY20.


8 out of 11 Members on the Board have significant experience in Agriculture and Chemical businesses.

The long-standing relationship with reputed MNCs. They have over 12500 dealers across India. 

The total number of registrations NACL has is 369 in India and 94 for exports. 

NACL has established a reputed client base such as Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte, Ltd, Dupont India (India), Nissan Chemical Industries (Japan), Insecticides India (India), Krishi Rasayan Exports (India), etc

Contract manufacturing with UPL

The company entered into a contract manufacturing agreement with UPL Limited in April 2019. It is expected to generate revenue of over Rs. 70 crore with a steady PBILDT margin of around 20%. For the project, the company is setting up a new production unit at its Srikakulam plant, Andhra Pradesh. The unit is expected to commence commercial operations by January 2020.

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Expansion Plans

Greenfield project for manufacturing of Agrochemicals, Active Ingredients, Formulation with a capacity of 25,000 MT/ Annum in phases, in Gujarat.

Greenfield project for manufacturing of Agrochemicals and Synthetic Organic Chemicals with a capacity of 38,000 MT/ Annum in phases, in Andhra Pradesh

Increasing the existing Plant capacity of 10,000 MT/Annum to 25,000 MT/Annum at its plant at Srikakulam, A.P. 

The Board has also approved a Capex plan of INR 150 crores(including the Company’s infusion of equity and debt capital to an extent of 52 crores).

Annual Performance 

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 Technical & Price Levels

naclind ,

Above Short, Medium and Long Term Moving Averages.

Stock is trading in strong uptrend. The recent correction should be utilized for making long position. Although 68- 71 is currently good buying zone, but long position can be made in the stock for the levels of 94 in short term and 118 in mid term. Stock can also be hold for long term . Follow buy on dips strategy in stock because stock is well placed fundamentally as well as technically.


Moving AveragesBullish
Technical IndicatorsBullish
Moving Averages CrossoversBullish

Key Moving Average

50 Days55.32   60.31   
100 Days47.31   52.26   
200 Days43.80   45.91   
Above major moving average.

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