Tuesday, June 22, 2021

BESTAGRO | Stock Analysis and Price Outlook | Future Outperformer



Best Agrolife Ltd.

CMP  315

➽ Key Stat

Promoters have increased holdings from 38.11% to 40.78% in Dec 2020 qtr.

FII/FPI have increased holdings from 9.64% to 10.34% in Dec 2020 qtr.

Number of FII/FPI investors decreased from 8 to 7 in Dec 2020 qtr

Institutional Investors have increased holdings from 9.64% to 10.34% in Dec 2020 qtr.

High Growth Stocks with Promoters increasing shareholding

Promoters increasing shareholding QoQ

Promoter holding increased more than 2% QoQ


Next Potential Multibagger | Stock Price Analysis & Outlook

Strong Annual EPS Growth

Effectively using its capital to generate profit - RoCE improving in last 2 years

Effectively using Shareholders fund - Return on equity (ROE) improving since last 2 year

Efficient in managing Assets to generate Profits - ROA improving since last 2 year

Growth in Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (QoQ)

Growth in Quarterly Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (YoY)

Company with Low Debt

Annual Net Profits improving for last 2 years

Company with Zero Promoter Pledge

 Technical & Price Outlook

  • Bullish Momentum - Above Short, Medium and Long Term Moving Averages
Moving AveragesNeutral
Technical IndicatorsBullish
Moving Averages CrossoversNeutral

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Hold and accumulate for the levels of 398  in short term,  477 in mid term and 614 in long term.

Next MultiBagger Stock Idea For Investment | CMP: 67

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