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BankNifty Pre Market Analysis 29 June 21


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BankNifty Analysis

Key  Data

Futures & Options of BANK NIFTY

Near Expiry date29/07/2021Lot Size25
Stock Close Price35359.4Trade Date28/06/2021
Futures Summary
Closing Price35516.15Premium/Discount156.75
Previous Close35488.65Change %0.077
Futures OI1987.38 KChange %2.48
Futures Contracts132.48 KChange %-7.05
Call Summary
Max Traded Strike Price36000.00Contracts27.09 K
Cumulative Call OI2647.30 K% Change7.63
Put Summary
Max Traded Strike Price35000.00Contracts21.65 K
Cumulative Put OI3062.50 K% Change16.63

Put Call Ratio - 29/07/2021

Put Open Interest3062.50 K
Call Open Interest2647.30 K
PCR Open Interest1.16
PCR OI ReadingStrong Bearish
Put Contracts Traded130015.00
Call Contracts Traded141170.00
PCR Volume0.921
PCR Vol ReadingBearish

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Chart & Levels

banknifty , finvestonline.com

The Nifty Bank closed flat at 35,359.4 on June 28. The important level, which will act as crucial support for the index, is placed at 35,204, followed by 35,050 On the upside, key resistance levels are placed at 35,545 and 35,731 levels.

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