Wednesday, June 2, 2021

BankNifty Tomorrow Outlook 03 June 21


BankNifty Outlook

Key  Data

Futures of BANKNIFTY

Closing Price35524.25
Price Change70.15
Change %0.198
Future OI1700.03 K
OI Change %-1.80
Future Contracts113.56 K
Contracts Change-22.02

CHEMCON | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook 

Put / Call Options

Call Max Traded Strike Price36000.00
Call Max Traded SP Contracts19060
Call Option Open Interest3076.18 K
Call Option OI Chg %0.777
Put Max Traded Strike Price35000.00
Put Max Traded SP Contracts18375
Put Option Open Interest2545.45 K
Put Option OI Chg %1.83

Put Call Ratio - 24/06/2021

Put Open Interest2545.45 K
Call Open Interest3076.18 K
PCR Open Interest0.827
PCR OI ReadingBearish
Put Contracts Traded112970.00
Call Contracts Traded126786.00
PCR Volume0.891
PCR Vol ReadingBearish

INDOSTAR | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook 

Chart & Outlook

As we discussed yesterday that  in Banknifty a trend reversal can be seen in the second half  and BankNifty behaved on our expectation. We also discussed that still trend is intact and this recent correction should be utilized as a buying opportunity as BankNifty can show a sharp recovery.

As  today correction  ended and tomorrow we can see a sharp recovery in the BankNifty in upside direction. 

  Still  Highest CE open interest is created for the 36000 level in upside and highest open interest created for the put for the level of 35000 . Which means BankNifty will trade in between 35000-36000 level in the week with bullish nature.

Tomorrow BankNifty can test 35714  in upside and in downside now 35116 will act as an important support.

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