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Stock Market Tomorrow | Nifty & BankNifty Outlook For 27 May Series Expiry


 Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Outlook 27 May 21

Stock Market Today 

Indian equity benchmarks ended higher on Wednesday boosted by Realty, IT and TECH stocks as continued fall in domestic COVID-19 cases improved investor risk appetite. 

The benchmarks opened on a subdued note but surged in mid-morning deals, as sentiments got some encouragement with Industry chamber -- Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) stating that healthy flow of foreign direct investments (FDI) into the country corroborates India’s status as a preferred investment destination among global investors. FDI into the country grew 19 per cent to $59.64 billion during 2020-21.

BSE Sensex rose 379.99 points or 0.75% to 51,017.52, while the CNX Nifty was up by 93.00 points or 0.61% to 15,301.45. 

ALLSEC | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook     

Nifty Outlook

Caution : Rising Price with but volume not supporting.

Key  Data

Futures of NIFTY

Closing Price15303.00
Price Change85.00
Change %0.559
Future OI5444.25 K
OI Change %-28.65
Future Contracts103.19 K
Contracts Change-0.807

Put Call Ratio - 27/05/2021

Put Open Interest63330.58 K
Call Open Interest49028.62 K
PCR Open Interest1.29
PCR OI ReadingStrong Bearish
Put Contracts Traded6166149.00
Call Contracts Traded6692807.00
PCR Volume0.921
PCR Vol ReadingBearish

BURGERKING | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook   

Chart & Outlook

nifty ,

As we discussed yesterday that we are still positive on Nifty and dips should be utilized for buying for the levels of 15298 and Nifty today closed exact near about our expectation at 15301 . 

Still Nifty is intact in upward direction , so any short position in Nifty should be avoided . Every dip should be utilized as buying opportunity . Banknifty is under performing the Nifty since last 2 days . If Banknifty have also supported the Nifty then we would definitely see a New All Time High in Nifty this week.   

Now for tomorrow trend is still intact in uptrend, search buying opportunity on dips.
In upside Nifty can test 15348-88 and in downside 15232 is immediate support .

Tomorrow is weekly as well as monthly expiry too , so volatility can be seen in the market . So be cautious.  

BankNifty Outlook

Key  Data

Futures of BANKNIFTY

Closing Price34723.95
Price Change-34.10
Change %-0.098
Future OI974.72 K
OI Change %-26.97
Future Contracts150.53 K
Contracts Change-5.41

Put Call Ratio - 27/05/2021

Put Open Interest14825.58 K
Call Open Interest18474.80 K
PCR Open Interest0.802
PCR OI ReadingBearish
Put Contracts Traded12006423.00
Call Contracts Traded14304419.00
PCR Volume0.839
PCR Vol ReadingBearish

Chart & Outlook

banknifty ,

Banknifty is under performing the Nifty since last 2 days .

For tomorrow in the first half we can see Banknifty trading in a sideways zone .
But as the day progress we can see a sharp recovery in Banknifty in upside .
Tomorrow Banknifty can test 35216 in upside and 34410 will act as immediate support .   

Tomorrow a trend reversal can be seen in Banknifty in upward direction with sharp momentum . So be prepared for that movement.

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