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MARUTI | Stock Analysis and Price Outlook


Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.L

Stock Price: 6701

➽ Maruti Suzuki India Limited manufactures, purchases, and sells motor vehicles, components, and spare parts primarily in India, rest of Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and Latin America. The company offers passenger vehicles, multi utility vehicles, and multi-purpose vehicles. It is also involved in the facilitation of pre-owned car sales, fleet management, and car financing. 

Key  Summary

Promoters holding remains unchanged at 56.37% in Mar 2021 qtr

Mutual Funds have decreased holdings from 7.83% to 7.49% in Mar 2021 qtr

Number of MF schemes increased from 36 to 37 in Mar 2021 qtr.

FII/FPI have increased holdings from 23.09% to 23.11% in Mar 2021 qtr.

Number of FII/FPI investors decreased from 1096 to 1066 in Mar 2021 qtr

Institutional Investors have decreased holdings from 38.74% to 38.19% in Mar 2021 qtr

DYNPRO | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook 

Financial Data Highlights

Market Cap201.39 K
Book Value/ Share1738.176
Enterprise Value14637.70
Revenue TTM70372.00
Gross Profit TTM19620.70
Revenue /Share TTM2329.65

DCAL | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook | Future Out Performer 

Key Balance Sheet Fields

Common Stock151.00151.000 %
Current Liabilities16120.5011305.4042.59 %
Total Liabilities18782.1014214.7032.13 %
Current Assets18544.308440.60119.70 %
Total Assets71282.7063627.7012.03 %
Working capital2423.80-2864.80184.61 %
Accounts Payable10168.107498.8035.60 %
Inventory3049.003213.905.13 %
Net Receivable1302.902802.5053.51 %

ADVENZYMES | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook 

Technical Chart & Price Outlook

After a long consolidation stock is ready for long term breakout . So long position can be made for the potential levels of  7184 in short term , 8244 in mid term and 10473 in long term. Stock is in initial stage so keep patience , don't panic in routine correction and hold firmly for the targets. As the time passes stock will show more price momentum. Now 6500-6550 is strong buying zone  so add stocks whenever stock is near this zone and hold patiently.

Key Cash Flow Fields

Cash EPS49.1660.9619.36 %
Cash From Investment Activity-7291.30-556.601209.97 %
Cash From Financial Activity-1544.90-3104.3050.23 %
Cash Operational Activity8856.203495.80153.34 %
Net Cash Flow20.00-165.10112.11 %
NetIncome4389.105676.0022.67 %
Capital Expenditure2132.003194.7033.26 %
Change To Inventory164.90108.7051.70 %

GUJALKALI | Stock Analysis & Price Outlook 

Recent Valuation Summary

Company with Low Debt

Increasing Revenue every quarter for the past 3 quarters

Book Value per share Improving for last 2 years

Company with Zero Promoter Pledge

FII / FPI or Institutions increasing their shareholding

HATSUN | Stock Analysis And Price Outlook

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