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HATSUN | Stock Analysis and Price Outlook


Hatsun Agro Products Ltd.

Stock/Share Price: 750

➽ Hatsun Agro Products Ltd is the largest private sector dairy company in India.The company has their own infrastructure for milk collection centre and chilling centre for procuring and handling of raw milk.They are the only company in India using Bactofuge Technology (from West Falia-Germany) to clarify liquid milk.The product range of the company includes Ice cream - Arun ICECREAM ,Make Your Own Sunday, Arun Unlimited.Milk Products - Hatsun Cooking Butter , Hatsun Cow Ghee , Hatsun Butter Milk , Hutsun Curd , Hutsun Panner.Beverages - Aaros Milk/ Badam Milk, Aaros Tea/ Masala Tea , Aaros Coffee Aaros Ragi &Diary Ingredients.

Key  Summary

Promoters initiated pledges of 1.55% of holdings in Dec 2020 qtr.

Promoters have increased holdings from 73.68% to 74.07% in Dec 2020 qtr.

Mutual Funds have decreased holdings from 5.91% to 5.86% in Dec 2020 qtr

Number of MF schemes increased from 19 to 22 in Dec 2020 qtr.

FII/FPI have increased holdings from 3.37% to 3.47% in Dec 2020 qtr.

Number of FII/FPI investors increased from 47 to 53 in Dec 2020 qtr.

Institutional Investors have increased holdings from 9.93% to 9.99% in Dec 2020 qtr.

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Bonus History

Announcement DateEx-BonusRatio
19 Oct, 202009 Dec, 20201:3
27 May, 201613 Jul, 20162:5
13 Feb, 201226 Mar, 20121:2

Split History

Ex-SplitOld FVNew FV
03 Oct, 201121
17 Jul, 2008102

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Technical Chart & Price Outlook

Long position can be made for the potential upside levels of 874 - 948 in short to mid term time period.

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Key Profit & Loss Data

Net Inc112.272.25 %
Ops Income253.681.69 %
Revenue5308.3311.51 %
Ops Expense5046.2212.07 %
PBT156.392.97 %
Gross Profit1532.069.05 %
Div Paid-96.2524.02 %

Recent Valuation Summary

High Growth Stocks with Promoters increasing shareholding

Promoters increasing shareholding QoQ

Rising Net Cash Flow and Cash from Operating activity

Company with high TTM EPS Growth

Increasing Revenue every quarter for the past 3 quarters

Increasing profits every quarter for the past 3 quarters

Strong cash generating ability from core business - Improving Cash Flow from operation for last 2 years

Company able to generate Net Cash - Improving Net Cash Flow for last 2 years

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