Monday, November 9, 2020

SAIL | Future Outperformer | Multi Bagger


Steel Authority of India (SAIL)

CMP : 37.7

SAIL is  a 'Navratna Company. In this article we will see on which ground it is expected that shares of SAIL  can head towards 3 digit in the near future. We will see how SAIL fundamental performance and Technical signals is improving in the recent times to make it a perfect candidate.

SAIL Key Strength

➽ Stocks where Mutual Funds Increased Holdings in Past Month
➽ Effectively using Shareholders fund - Return on equity (ROE) improving since last 2 year
➽ Efficient in managing Assets to generate Profits - ROA improving since last 2 year
➽ Growth in Net Profit with increasing Profit Margin (QoQ)
➽ Strong cash generating ability from core business - Improving Cash Flow from operation for last 2 years
➽ Company with Zero Promoter Pledge
➽ Stock gained more than 20% in one month
➽ Strong Momentum: Price above short, medium and long term moving averages

SAIL Key Weaknesses

➽ Companies with high market cap, lower public shareholding
➽ Increasing Trend in Non-Core Income
➽ Degrowth in Revenue and Profit

SAIL on Technical Price Chart

➽ Shares of SAIL a 'Navratna Company' in March were trading near the level of 20 from there after a long consolidation share started trending in upward direction.

➽ SAIL stock breakout the resistance of 37 with significant volume and heading toward next level.

➽ The rise in the price was not only because the Nifty or Market rise or due to Technical signals on charts. But, it is fundamental also let see below: 

  • SAIL company sales revenue is continuous increases from the 3 years.
  • Net Profit also increasing for the years and net profit came from Loss to Profit
  •  Reserve and Surpluses also rising for the 3 years back to back.

➽ All these signals Suggesting that SAIL is not only improving on Technical ground but it Fundamentals are also improving in the recent times. 

  ➽  These are all signals for a brighter future and on the basis of above Fundamental and Technical signals SAIL stock can go to 54 in the short term , 86 in mid term and 139 in the long term.

          Below is the data of SAIL recent Annual Results , Reserve and Surplus position and recent Share Holding Patterns improving.

Two Stocks To Watch For Swing Trade | Price-Volume Breakout

SAIL recent Annual Results

SAIL recent years Sales and Net Profit is Improving.

SAIL recent Reserve & Surplus

SAIL reserve and surplus position increasing for the 3 years.

SAIL recent Share Holdings

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