Saturday, September 5, 2020

Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Tomorrow | Outlook 07 Sep 2020

  Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Tomorrow Outlook 07 Sep 2020 (Monday)

Nifty: 11333 (-194)
BankNifty: 23011 (-519)

Nifty Outlook

nifty price outlook

Friends we discussed yesterday that now market is temporary weak and probability of Market fall increased. We also discussed yesterday that currently BankNifty is the driver of the market . 

Now the major problem is that Nifty can't run upside from the level of 11500 without the participation of BankNifty and BankNifty currently not ready to participate in the market.

Now the trend of the Nifty become negative and now a sign of worry should be seen. Short Nifty in every bounce is a clear strategy now.

So, at this point of time nearest support to Nifty is at 11000 and nearest resistance is at 11570 level.

But as of now Nifty short term trend is negative and now Short position can be taken in Nifty in every bounce. Be alert after taking trade as short covering can be seen in market until nifty not closes below the level of 11000.

BankNifty Outlook

BankNifty price outlook tomorrow

Now the situation of BankNifty is critical  and I think door of downside is now open in the BankNifty.

Now the situation indicates that in this September series Banknifty can see very sharp fall. So in every bounce make short position in the Banknifty. 

Banknifty has potential downside of 2000 points from the current level of 23011. In downside 21000 to 20500 level can be expected in Banknifty. So make short position in BankNifty at every bounce for a potential huge profit.

NOTE- Next Bull Run in Nifty is not possible without the Participation of BankNifty .

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