Thursday, September 24, 2020

Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Tomorrow Outlook 25 September 2020


 Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Tomorrow Outlook 25 September 2020 

Nifty: 10805 -326
 BankNifty: 20456 - 721

Stock Market Today 

Stock Market Closing Bell Today: On account of fears of lockdown getting imposed in some European Nation countries leading to closedown of more economies, the Indian indices went nervous and crashed to the tune of 3 per cent after the closing bell today.

 The BSE Sensex crashed 1114 points and closed at 36,553 levels while the NSE Nifty tanked 326 points after closing at 10,805 mark. Bank Nifty index nosedived 721 points and closed at 20,456 levels. All indices closed in the red zone.

Nifty Outlook

nifty share price ,

Friends all our recent previous discussion and market outlook prediction were up to the targets and we expect that you all have earned huge profit on this expiry of September 2020 series.

On 20 September when the Nifty was at 11530 , we given downside target in Nifty for 10862 level and Nifty today closed 10805 up to our target.

As the Nifty fall today very sharply so tomorrow Nifty may bounce sharply and trade in green  due to short covering and can again test the level of 11250 in upside in a few trading session.

Risk taking trader can  long Nifty on these level for 11250 level in upside . But Currently Nifty is weak on charts .

BankNifty Outlook

nifty share price,

Friends we discussed that Banknifty can fall 1000 to 1500 points when the BankNifty was trading at 23000 levels. And today Banknifty closed at 20456 level down nearly 1500 points from our discussion point hitting all our targets.

Now , as the market fall very sharp so tomorrow  BankNifty may bounce sharply and trade in green due to short covering and can again test the level of 22000 in upside. Risky trader can long for this level.

In BankNifty 19507 is a crucial downside support level in BankNifty and Banknifty may test this level in upcoming trading session. 

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