Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Reliance Industries Limited | Price Breakout | Share Price Outlook


Reliance Industries Limited 

Stock/Share Price: 2221

➽ In this article we will discuss recent development in the StockShare of RELIANCE in the Stock Market. Reliance nearly 15 lakhs crore market cap company, strong fundamental, huge potential and many more positivity. So in this article we are excluding its fundamental summary and focusing on the recent breakout on the technical chart and will see its upcoming price levels.

Technical Chart 

reliance share price , finvestonline.com

Reliance is a long term all weather stock , but in this article we are considering it for short term time period , which means only 2 to 5 trading session outlook.

Reliance share is outperforming the market in recent time and is in strong uptrend with strong price momentum .

Recently from its high of 2369 the stock was corrected to the level of 2167 and after consolidation  stock has given a breakout  at 2221 level.

So as of now long position can be taken in Reliance Industries for a level of 2280 and 2340 in upside in short term time period.

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