Friday, August 14, 2020

Is Bad Days Over in Yes Bank | Recent Key Improvements Signals

Is Bad Days Over in Yes Bank | Recent Key Improvements Signals


CMP 15.10 ( 14 AUG 2020 )

Recent Key Factors and Improvements Signals

➽ Rising Delivery Percentage Compared to Previous Day and Month.

➽ Highest Recovery from 52 Week Low .

➽ Decrease in NPA in recent results.

 ➽ Decrease in Provision in recent results .

➽ Stock with Low PE (PE < = 10) .

➽ Insiders bought stocks.

 ➽ Strong Volumes Big Deal (Insider and SAST) buys last month greater than 1% of total shares .

➽ Effectively using its capital to generate profit - ROCE improving in last 2 years.

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Let Check YESBANK on Technical Chart

YESBANK, Yes Bank Limited,

After a long downtrend after FPO the price of Yes Bank stock gradually started rising in channel upward with widening the range of channel.

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YESBANK recent Income Statement 

YESBANK, Yes Bank Limited,

Interest income , Total income and Net Profit also improved and increased significantly from previous quarter.

YESBANK recent NPA Performance

YESBANK, Yes Bank Limited,

We can see that Net NPA % is also decreasing from previous 3 quarters which is a positive sign that bad debts are reducing due to provisioning.

After watching the sign of improvement signal can it be said that 
                " Bad Days Over in Yes Bank" ?


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