Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Tata Motors Limited | TATAMOTORS | Stock/Share Price Level 186

 Tata Motors Limited 

CMP   127


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Short Term or For Swing Trade

> Tatamotors after a correction from 132 level consolidated near 120 level and it started again rising as weekly trend of Tata motors is very strong , so after a small dip it again started rising upward.

> Today it break minor resistance of  127 level and closed above it with high volume candles.

> Now stock should cross 132 level then it immediate level is 145. 

> In other word one can take long position on current price of 127 and in 2 to 3 trading session it can achieve the level of 145.

> If you are a option trader you can easily buy 130 CE near about Rs.1 and it can  go up to Rs.15 in 2 trading session. It means more than 1000% return in 2 trading session. But remember option trading is very risky and I can not advise you it is my personal view. 

> As of now in tatamotor every dip or correction is signal of long position.

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tatamotors, finvestonline.com

Medium Term Outlook in TataMotors

> Weekly chart of TTAMOTORS is very strong in uptrend. Nearest resistance in Tatamotors in weekly chart is at 186 level.

> So  every correction in TataMotors is a signal of long position.

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