Saturday, August 22, 2020

Value Based Long Term Investment Stock Under 15

Airan Limited 

CMP : 12.30

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      Friends in this article we will discuss AIRAN Limited a NSE listed company currently trading at 12.30 . We will consider about its recent key strength and improvements, its weaknesses, its recent Technical Price charts and recent years annual income statement. 

About AIRAN 

Airan Limited is engaged in the Banking Transactions Processing Services, Payment Banks, IT and IT Enabled Services and Document Management Services.

Why Airan can be a Investment Stock

1)AIRAN Limited is virtually a Debt Free Company. In so ups and down global condition a virtually debt free company is a blessing for the investor.Below in Annual income statement we see that the company is paying a negligible amount of interest which is also decreasing year on year basis.

2) Promoter holding is below the SEBI prescribed limit of 75% and currently is 73.59%. Most important factor is that the company have Zero Promoter Pledging.

3) Annual Net Profit from the 4 years is continuous increasing that can be seen below in the Annual Income Statement of the Company.

4) Annual Sale of company is increasing at 25% YoY which is a decent number.

5) Company has delivered good profit growth of 56.07% CAGR over last 5 years.

6) Reserve and Surplus of the company is 55 crore and equity capital is 25 cr.

7) Friends above we discussed why the stock is good on Fundamental ground . Now we will discuss  Why it is good on Technical Chart and is it the time to buy the stock? That is explained below in the Chart section please read below. 

==> Before going to Technical Chart we should also know and take consideration of weaknesses also: 
1) Though the company is reporting repeated profits, it is not paying out dividend
2) Tax rate seems low for the 2 years.
3)Current PE ratio is 30.

AIRAN Limited Price on Technical Charts

The stock of AIRAN Limited was in a long downtrend continuous falling from the level of Rs.40 and after consolidation at bottom near about the support level of 9 , the stock started appreciating in the recent time and is trading currently at the level of 12.
 The stock started appreciating with a strong volume candle which suggest that bottom of the stock has been made.As the fundamental performance of the company are also on track , so it is expected that the stock should test the first resistance level of 19 in recent time and if the resistance level 19 is broken with good volume then the stock can appreciate to the next resistance level of Rs 40.

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Airan Annual Income Statement

1) Sales is increasing on year to year at 25 %.
2) Interest payment is also decreasing on YoY basis.
3) Net Profit continuous increasing from the 4 years in a row.

       Friends thanks for reading the blog and giving your precious time. What is your opinion  on AIRAN Limited please comment below.

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