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Paramount Communications Ltd 

CMP: 9.20

 Paramount Communications Limited (PARACABLES ) stock can be Value based Growth stock for investment with decent upside potential and returns , and it must be tracked and watched.  
After reading this Articles you will find how PARACABLES recent Technical price chart is showing strength, how its annual sales and net profit recovering for 3 years , how Reserve and Surplus is increasing for the 3 years continuously.  


Paramount Communications Limited is a cable manufacturing company. Information technology (IT) and communication, construction, defense and space research projects.


➤Company Reserve continuous increasing for 3 years.

➤Company 3 year Annual revenue is also on positive node
Promoters increasing shareholding
397.8% returns for Nifty 500 over 5.9 years
➤Overbought by Money Flow Index (MFI)
477.2% returns for over 4.5 years
Book Value per share Improving for last 2 years
Near 52 Week High
Stock gained more than 20% in one month
Strong Momentum: Price above short, medium and long term moving averages

PARACABLES Key Weaknesses

Impact on Results may be due to Global Pandemic effects.
➤Decline in Net Profit with falling Profit Margin (QoQ)
➤Decline in Quarterly Net Profit with falling Profit Margin (YoY)
➤Degrowth in Quarterly Revenue and Profit in Recent Results
➤Declining Net Cash Flow : Companies not able to generate net cash
➤Recent Results : Fall in Quarterly Revenue and Net Profit (YoY)
➤Recent Results: Declining Operating Profit Margin and Net Profits (YoY)

PARACABLES On Technical Price Charts

Commentary on Charts
The PARACABLES stock price is in strong uptrend breaking all the recent resistance level with good volume. 
Now as the Fundamental is also improving continuously and Technical Charts also suggests strong Momentum . 
On these data the stock can be Value based Growth stock for investment with decent upside potential and returns , and it must be tracked and watched.  

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PARACABLES Recent Financial Results

Net Profit of PARACABLE is improving and it recovers from Loss to Profit in the recent years showing a sign of good improvement.

PARACABLES Recent Reserve & Surplus Summary

Reserve & Surpluses is also improving at a rapid pace. It recovered from a Loss of  335 crore in March 2016 to a positive Figure of 182 crore in March 2020. It shows that Paracable is improving in there business and showing a positive sign for the future growth for the shareholders.

Note : Dear Friends what is your opinion and outlook for the PARACABLES , please comment below in the Comment Box. Thanks for reading.

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