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Nifty and BankNifty, Tomorrow Stock Market Outlook 01 Sep 20

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Note- Don't Panic as This is an Opportunity Time not Panic Time.

 Nifty and BankNifty, Stock Market Outlook 01 Sep 20

Nifty- 11387,  -260

BankNifty- 23754 ,  -769

BankNifty Outlook 

BankNifty on 15 Min

bank nifty ,

BankNifty Daily

bank nifty ,

Full In depth Analysis

➽ Friends our Outlook on BankNifty today successfully executed. We have given an outlook on 24 Aug 20 at the level of 22500 that the BankNifty is now more stronger than Nifty and it would reach the level of 25000 in few trading session. 

➽ Today 31 Aug 20 ,BankNifty make a high of 25200 level and then fall very sharply also from that level.

➽ Now the question is that if the BankNifty was so strong then why it fell so sharply from the higher levels. This is not a normal way to fall. 

➽ Today's session was a abnormal trading session. Normally if a stock is in uptrend then first it consolidates at top , then it gradually start weakening and then it falls. 

➽ But, today BankNifty was up near 700 points in the opening and also BankNifty was in strong uptrend then gradually it started falling and ends near 700 points down. Why this happens?

➽ This type of fall happens due to any unexpected immediate news and rumor and was due to India-China clash again in Laddakh. But our brave  Army again taught lessons to Chinese. Now again Chinese will sit quietly for sometime.

 Second important news was that our nation GDP contracts 23.9% in Q1FY21 as lockdowns, restrictions bludgeon economy. But don't worry this pandemic hits all major economies and is not the only problem of India. This is not an unexpected news and market has factoring this news in it. It is very common to understood that if major activity of the  economy is in lock down for many months then it will definitely contract and it will not boom. 

➽ Now come to the market again and the question arises Is this the starting of major correction?

➽ No there is no need to panic , BankNifty trend is still intact in uptrend. Only thing is that we have to watch the market in tomorrow first half session. 

➽ If tomorrow BankNifty not go below the level of 23300 then after consolidating in the first half it will start rising again for the level of 25000 level gradually. 

➽ So wait till this correction and when Banknifty come in green region it is again an opportunity to initiate long position as trend of Banknifty in daily and weekly chart is intact in uptrend.

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Nifty Outlook

nifty ,

We analysis market in BankNifty outlook in very detail, so here is the important main points in Nifty.

 Now Nifty is not much strong on daily chart immediately as it closes below the support line.
 But there is no immediate major correction in the market.
 This is a News based sharp correction, so Nifty will again start rising when this correction ended .
 But strength of Nifty is weaker than BankNifty. 
 So after this correction try to make long position in BankNifty instead of Nifty.

Note- Don't Panic this is a news based sharp fall, this is not a major correction in the Market. Market will again start rising after this correction ended . This is an Opportunity time not panic Time.

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