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What is PMI? How does it affect the economy of the country?

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The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is an indicator of measuring the economic health of the manufacturing sector. 

Through this, the economic situation of a country is assessed. PMI is based on a number of private sector activities including the service sector. Almost all the countries involved are compared to the same criteria. 

The main objective of PMI is to make the information available about the economy even before the official data, which gives accurate indication about the economy in advance. PMI is based on 5 major factors. These five major factors include new orders, inventory levels, production,

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Supply delivery and employment environment.

PMI is generally used to find the business and manufacturing environment. The Purchasing Managers Index was started in 1948 by the US-based Institute of Supply Management (ISM), which works only for the US. While the market group works for other countries of the world, it does in more than 30 countries. It is the most viewed index for business activities worldwide. 

The company displays its PMI data with the name of the sponsor. Currently, the direction of the economy in India is estimated based on the Nikkei PMI data. Earlier these figures were released in the name of HSBC PMI.

This is how PMI works

Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) is a composite index used to assess the state of the manufacturing and service sectors. It is prepared on the basis of managers' opinions on different business aspects, in which thousands of managers are consulted on products, new orders, industry expectations and apprehensions and employment.

 Along with this, managers are asked to give opinions and ratings on the new situation as compared to the previous month, on the basis of which it is issued every month.

As far as the manufacturing sector is concerned, questionnaires are sent to the purchasing managers of 500 manufacturing companies for the survey. However, the final index is a composite index that represents five indicators. 

Those that are of predetermined weightage include New Order Index, Output Index, Employment Index, Suppliers' Delivery Times Index and Stock of Items Purchase Index. Like the service PMI, every index in the manufacturing sector has a positive answer and a weightage of half a percent. 

The final panel of companies and purchasing managers is chosen from purchasing managers of industries spread across the country. The figure of 50 does not indicate any change, but the figure above 50 indicates a state of improvement.

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What is PMI, how it affects the economy

Relevance of PMI The PMI index is considered the main index. This indicates further position in a particular sector. Since this survey is done on a monthly basis. Therefore, an increase in income can be estimated from this.

 This also shows whether there will be an upsurge in economic activity. However, it depends on the actual answer to the questions. These answers are analyzed on a quarterly basis. For those who are part of the industry, PMI is a very important index. 

If seen, PMI also refers to the sentiment in the economy. Improving PMI infuses enthusiasm in the economy. Its impact on the economy is usually released at the beginning of the month, the PMI figure, which is released before the GDP growth rate.

Central banks of many countries use this index to decide on interest rates. Because good PMI figures show that economic conditions are improving in the country and demand is increasing in the economy, due to which companies get orders to make more goods. 

If the production of companies increases then employment opportunities for people also increase. It has a positive effect on the country's economy. 

Therefore, economists also consider PMI figures to be good indicators of manufacturing growth. Role in Financial Markets The role of PAI is also very important in financial markets, as Purchasing Managers Index indicates the earnings of companies. This is why both the bond market and investors monitor this index. It is on this basis that investors decide to invest in competitive economies.

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