Thursday, July 16, 2020

Jio Glass | Reliance JIO live Glass | Know Features, Specifications

Reliance introduced live glass, know its special features

 With the help of Jio Glass, you can see the 3D avatar of another person in the virtual world. This makes conversation better

Reliance Industries (RIL) has announced Jio Glass. This is a special type of spectacles. With its help, 3D interaction will help. This new product is named Jio Glass. Its demo was shown at Reliance's 43rd Annual General Meeting (AGM). RIL's telecom unit Jio Platforms will bring it to market

Jio Glass is a mixed reality smart glass. With its help, you will be able to make video calling. Virtual Assistant has also been supported in Geo Glass. Jio Glass has been introduced specifically for holographic content.

The weight of this live glass is only 75 grams. It comes with personalized audio. This makes the virtual world very attractive. It has all kinds of video conferencing features. With the help of Jio Glass, you can see the 3D avatar of another person in the virtual world. 

This makes conversation better. It seems as if a conversation is happening face to face. The content of the smartphone can be accessed in Jio Glass through a cable.

According to the company, 25 apps will be supported on Jio. This glass can also be used in the field of education. This will make e-learning more convenient and interesting. It will use holographic content. At the moment Jio has not told about its price

Kiran Thomas, president of Reliance at the AGM, said that Jio Glass will bring students and teachers together in the 3D virtual rooms. Due to this, the traditional way of reading geography will become history.

 With the help of Jio Glass, you can also go to roam anywhere, sitting at home. This means that you can see any tourist place in the world in 3D format. It is also very easy to move from one application to another.

 It is seen that in every AGM, Reliance launches a particular product. This time it has introduced Jio Glass. It really takes the power to take the conversation to the next level

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